Today we will reveal a fantastic new dress.

TRIBAL has just arrived in our new range.

We will explain to you immediately how it came to be…

When we started to design the dress, it started to turn out that it can be used in many ways.

It can be worn with any type and shape of body, at anytime of the day.

For this reason TRIBAL is amazing!

Whether you are XS or XL, you can feel at ease in every occasion, showing off your perfect silhouette.

If you want to go out to dance, wear Tribal in black or red and this will give a special effect.

With a side string, you can decide how much you want to tighten or widen the dress, so you can lift your leg without being embarrassed.

With one shoulder uncovered, it gives a perfect neckline.

Tribal can also be worn with a bra.

If you want to wear it in the gym, you can match it with a pair of our Cross Pants in the same colour, as you can see in the photo…

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