My dear friends, it has been a long time that I wanted to talk to you about Nia.

For me it was a fantastic discovery and with just a few lessons you feel immediately the benefits from it.

You work on all parts of your body: arms, legs, shoulders, abdominals, gluteus. Also on your core stability and flexibility.

Your muscles will be toned and defined and over time not only people will die to have your silhouette but you will also create a right equilibrium, harmony and fluidity in the movements.

Nia is good for your body and also mind, helping you to concentrate, find the right equilibrium and coordination.

If the styles of clothes that I design specifically for Nia attract you, you can place your order, writing an email to You can ask the different colours and patterns that are your favourite. You can also create a personal outfit, exclusively for you.

I can list all day long the advantages of this ‘sport’. If anyone of you already do Nia, we can exchange sensations and opinions about it……how about it!?

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